Getting my health back on track

A bunch of years ago I got on the scale and weighed 258.8lbs or so.

A year later I was just around 200lbs.

Over the last few years I've gotten into the very low 180s. I saw 179 for a bit.

Then my weight loss halted.

And halted.

And halted.

And went up....

and back down ....

and halted.

The last few years haven't always been easy or free of stress and I reverted to previous dietary choices and halted my weight loss with comfort eating. That I didn't go up much higher in weight surprises and delights me.

But now my weight is going back down.

I implemented some fairly straightforward guidelines to follow. The following is a very modified and cut down version of something I sent to Michael when asking for help staying on track.

This first set addresses my demons:

  • Chocolate. This needs to be a maximum of 2 squares a day - or ~100 calories of chocolate.
  • Fast food = no.
  • Sushi drops to 1x/week
  • Way. less. non-water/non-tea drinks. Knock off the lemonade addiction.
  • Way way way fewer grains. Bread has got. to. go.
  • No substitutions. No making some sort of fake bread out of other ingredients. Eat whole, healthy foods. if I am going to indulge - then bloody well indulge. ;)

What to aim for:

  • Proteins - 1 fist shaped amount of said item per meal.
  • Tons of veggies. Eat the rainbow (not skittles, yo). It's hard to go overboard here except with the starchy ones but even with a ton of carrots my weight had a steady decline, so whatever here. If I'm eating vegetables I'm winning!
  • Carbs are a-ok but watch these - no need to be ketotic; no need to be at 3-400 carbs either. Sweet potatoes are a winner here.
  • Eggs. These will be a primary component in my diet. Choline is nom nom.
  • Drink a whole lot more water. Hungry? 8oz of water first.

Self-reminder: food trending in regards to macros has less daily significance and more weekly significance. If I miss protein one day - 'sok!

And then, after I introduced this routine, my cousin had a comment on one of his posts about intermittent fasting. I did this before quite a bit. I loved it. I worked out fasted. The whole thing. I felt amazing.

So I've introduced a 16/8 schedule. 16 hours fasting, 8 hours to eat. No caloric change: stay under 1400 kcal/day; the main change here is the reduced eating window. This is a weekday routine; no fasting on weekends.

In theory with all of these guidelines I wouldn't need to track my food and I'd still lose weight. That's a great goal; but right now I still find that I'm struggling and not always making the choices in line with my goals - so I'm tracking food with MyFitnessPal. When I don't log I gain weight. It's pretty simple.

And there's more to it than outlined above. There's the whole fitness thang wherein I enable myself to dance for many hours at a time because .... festivals.

Fitness - the below are minimums:

  • 1 walk/day with the dogs. Exception: Horrible weather. Start adding in some Tabata/HIIT intervals
  • Some form of yoga/pilates/stretching every day for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • 10-15 minutes of high active dancing each day
  • Get the TRX up in a highly traffic location and use them every time I pass by for at least 1 rep, preferably 5.
  • Get back in the damned pool. I love the damned pool. Damned pool.
  • Practice handstands.

I started the diet part about a week ago (ish) and did mostly ok then backtracked in the beginning of this week care of my old friend: stress. I've been back on track since Wednesday and doing amazingly and watching my weight slowly go down down down.

The fitness part has been harder. I am walking a lot - the dogs have been out mostly every day (I think we missed one) and I've been walking at lunch as well. I've been dancing randomly at home since Michael frequently DJs songs that are fun to dance to. He's an awesome DJ!

The rest I'm still working on integrating.

Oh, and I need to add skating back in somehow... it's summer, maybe it's time to invest in some artistic inline skates so I can practice in the sunlight. Whee!

This looks like quite a lot in writing; it really is not that much. The plan boils down to this:

"Eat healthy, whole, nutritious foods. Indulge sometimes. Stay active and moving. Have fun!"

Kick ass.

-Lisa, 2015-04-17, Comment

Change . . . it happens

"Entanglement .... that is what I'm writing about today."

On December 1, 2012 I posted Life is short.

A little over 2 years later and changes are happening again.

"Being in a triad has awesomeness at its center and a large helping of learning. Sounds like many relationships, right?"

That learning isn't always easy. It doesn't always lead to a continuation of that situation. Learning may cause change.

"Three adults living together (and who knows who the future holds?) has its trials and tribulations; not entirely different from a couple, but potentially magnified - both the good and the bad."

Unfortunately the living situation didn't work out. Different personalities, different habits, different needs - despite incredible efforts from all of us we were not able to make cohabitation a comfortable or safe fit. The trials and tribulations - magnified - were simply too much.

"And it has been beautiful. Wonderful. A dream come true."

That was true of many times living together. Many, many times were beautiful, wonderful, and dreamlike.

"Learning how to communicate effectively in these intimate, interconnected relationships has been a real struggle at times. I was worried that living together might make these things harder for me - and for all of us thereby."

For me, that statement ended up being truth. In the next few months our family configuration will again change with one person moving out.

It's not easy. And somewhere along the way I learned that model of family configuration with our set of individuals and individual awesomeness didn't combine smoothly or comfortably. We gave it a real, hard, long try. The cost to health was high; our family was worth fighting for. It still is.

"My father said to me the other day that I've never been conventional. Maybe not, but I'm having a fucking blast in this"

Still not conventional; not likely to become so. Back when I wrote that post I expected many things would happen if the cohabitation situation changed - relief was not one of my expectations. However, when the announcement was made about the move-out I was filled with relief. Relief that the madness was ending. Relief that there was a new beginning. Relief at change.

I am joyful, excited, and eager for the changes coming this summer. The old wasn't working.... in with the new!

-Lisa, 2015-04-13, Comment

Someone asked

Someone asked that one time
For that one thing
That was impossible to give
and ever so simple

For that one thing
Was a piece of that other thing
and that other thing, too
and that one there, as well

And so with great care
I took the sun and that fragile wave
With charcoal to the wave I copied each page
Each phase
Light and shadow
piece by piece

It was a journey and a long way to go
With much to see and much to do
and in that journey and in that time
I found some pieces of me
that belonged to you

Someone asked that one time
For that one thing
and in the impossibility of giving it
I found the missing piece
of me
that belongs to you.

And now I return
wave in hand
charcoal stained finger tips
and that piece of me
that belongs to you

I reach out my hand
that piece
my heart
beating, talking, reaching
and return it to you

Someone asked that one time
For that one thing
That was impossible to give

I found it
in an impossible place
tracing my way through shadows and light
and all that time
That impossible thing
was mine to give

I give that piece of me to you.

-Lisa, 2015-04-07, Comment

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